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Elliotts are specialist engineering suppliers with expert staff with unrivalled product knowledge and industry experience. We stock, supply and install a wide range of air conditioning systems with a particular emphasis on high-efficiency heat exchange systems that offer enormous benefits in energy-use reduction. Our staff can advise on the most suitable systems and units to fit your usage, budget and premises. You can view systems in operation at our showroom in Bar Hill, or by appointment at selected customer's sites in and around the East Anglian area. As with all our products, Elliotts extends a ‘never knowingly undersold’ best price guarantee to our air conditioning units, so that you can be confident you will not only have the best advice in choosing the air conditioning system to suit your needs, but will save money by coming to us.   For further information from Elliotts, the air conditioning experts, click here  

Elliotts Air Conditioning

The following air conditioning systems are available from Elliotts at Bar Hill. For further information, you will be taken to our Cambridge Renewable Energy website - the specialist renewable energy showroom we operate in our Bar Hill centre.

Daikin FTXS Air Conditioning Unit

Daikin FTXSThe Daikin FTXS Air Conditioning System is simply one of the best units around. Elliotts will supply and install it with a best price guarantee. For further information from Elliotts, the air conditioning experts, click here

The Daikin Round Flow Cassette

Daikin Round Flow CassetteDaikin’s innovative Round Flow Cassette air conditioning unit offers high year-round comfort which stems from the round flow cassette’s many new features, including improved and uniform airflow and temperature distribution, lower air velocities and fewer draughts as a result of increased horizontal airflows. Reduced temperature differentials across the conditioned space improve the thermal comfort index and offer considerable energy savings with COPs among the highest in the industry. For further information from Elliotts, the air conditioning experts, click here

The Daikin 3 Pipe VRV With Altherma

In Elliotts’s opinion, the Daikin VRV® represents Daikin’s ultimate technology in climate comfort and energy efficiency for small to large-sized offices, hotels or other commercial facilities, providing energy efficient year round heating and cooling. For further information from Elliotts, the air conditioning experts, click here

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