Heat pumps at Elliotts

D1 Installer

Elliotts are one of the UK's leading experts in the supply and maintenance of energy efficient heat pumps. Our specialist engineers consult on installation at the design stage of commercial and domestic building projects, and we supply, install and maintain heat pumps across a wide area of the UK including East Anglia, the Midlands and the London area. Heat pumps are a cost effective and eco-friendly way to heat a building that offer energy and financial efficiency. There are two main types of heat pumps:

Ground source heat pumps

A ground source heat pump (GSHP) gathers low grade heat from the ground via coils of pipe filled with antifreeze. This low grade heat is then compressed to increase its temperature, producing hot water at temperatures up to 55°C - which represents an efficiency saving of up to 400%. Elliotts are responsible for a large number of installations and can provide a free survey of sites or architectural plans, and can then provide a quotation to supply and install the heat pumps at the best prices in the UK - guaranteed.

Air source heat pumps

An air source heat pump (ASHP) draws in air at ambient temperature and ejects it at a lower temperature. The refrigerant in the unit gathers the low grade heat and again the compressor increases the temperature as high as 85°C. Typically an air source heat pump will produce hot water at 55°C. However, we supply and install air source heat pump systems that will heat water to 65°C, or even 80°C.

Renewable Energy Showroom

We have set up a specialist division of Elliotts
“The Cambridge Renewable Energy Centre” www.tcrec.co.uk to cope with the demand for this type of equipment.

You can visit our showroom in Bar Hill, just outside Cambridge on the A14, to see these eco-friendly, energy efficient heating systems in action. Among a wide range of equipment, we have a fully working Daikin Altherma low temperature (at 55°C) air source heat pump (ASHP) producing hot water for underfloor heating, radiators and sinks (washing), which you are welcome to visit at anytime, without an appointment (see showroom page for opening times).

We're here to help bring energy efficiency to your home and building projects

Choosing the right heat pump or technology for energy efficient building projects can be a confusing process, which is why we have set up a showroom where you can see the equipment in action and talk to our experts on site. Visit our showroom and bring your plans, your ideas, builders, plumber, or architects and we can discuss your specific needs, look at your plans and constraints and show you what equipment is available, where to site it, how to plumb it to provide the most effective and efficient system for your specific project. We can also give you a free site survey and a quotation based as always on our Elliotts price promise and our years of practical expertise in this field.

Please see our Renewable Energy Website