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We stock and supply a wide range of generators including super silent generators. We offer the lowest prices (Please remember our 'Price Promise') in the UK for all the goods we supply, including generators, so you can be sure that you’ll get the best deal possible from us.

Ask Elliotts:

What’s the best generator for my caravan or boat?

The best generator for your caravan or boat is undoubtedly the Honda Silent Portable generators, and indeed many caravan sites and mooring operators will only allow these generators to be used in proximity to other visitors. There are two generators available, the EU10i and the EU22i models, with 1kW and 2.2kW max. outputs respectively. As ever, we offer both models at the lowest price in the UK – guaranteed. We also offer an LPG conversion kit for these generators which we can install. Please see the detailed product information for more details. Please be aware that the fitting of an LPG kit will effect the oem warranty!

Please note, that when you are choosing a generator to buy, you should calculate all your requirements in kW and not in kVA. Some generator manufacturers/suppliers only quote in kVA, which can be very misleading as the useable power available can be far less than implied. A generator advertising a 4kVA output might only produce 3.2kW of useable energy, for example!