Cleaning Equipment/Pressure Washers

Buy specialist cleaning equipment from a specialist and knowledgeable supplier. Here @ Elliotts we have expert staff with unrivalled product knowledge and industry experience. We stock and supply a wide range of cleaning equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial use, including Karcher pressure washers and cleaners.


Elliotts Special Offers


Cold Water Pressure Washer Offers:


     Make & Model Number      (1 PHASE/230V)

Working Pump Pressure Maximum Flow Rate (Litres/Minute) SSP Our Offer Price


* Commercial Machine (Motor Stop)

(Part No.1.520-966.0)      

115 Bar

1,667 Psi

8.33 £479

£416.66 + vat

(£499.99  inc. vat)

KARCHER HD 6/13C Plus    c/w Dirtblaster

* Commercial Machine (Motor Stop)

(Part No.1.520-954.0)

130 Bar

1,885 Psi

9.33 £669

£549.99 + vat

(£659.99  inc. vat)

Hot Pressure Washer/Steam Cleaner Offers:

KARCHER Karcher Model Number (Voltage/Phase) Working Pump Pressure Maximum Flow Rate (Litres/Minute) SSP Our Offer Price

HDS 6/12C Eco

(230V/1 Phase)

(Part No.1.169-904.0) 

c/w a Karcher KHB5 (cordless hand held cleaner)

120 Bar

1,740 Psi

9.33 £2189

£1949 + vat

(£2338.80  inc. vat)

HDS 7/10-4M

(230V/1 Phase)

(Part No.1.071-901.0)

c/w a Karcher KHB5 (cordless hand held cleaner)

100 Bar

1,450 Psi

11.67 £2959

£2549 + vat

(£3058.80  inc. vat)

 HDS 10/20-4M

(400V/3 Phase)

(Part No.1.071-900.0)

200 Bar

2,900 Psi

16.67 £3249

£2729 + vat

(£3274.80  inc. vat) 

HDS 12/18-4S

(400V/3 Phase)

(Part No.1.071-917.0)

180 Bar

2,610 Psi

20 £3819

£POA + vat

(£POA inc. vat)