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    Sealey-Air-CompressorElliotts are specialist engineering suppliers, with expert staff with unrivalled product knowledge and industry experience. We stock, supply and install a wide range of air compressors using piston, screw, and vane systems. There are obviously an enormous number of air compressors for a huge variety of applications and we can help you select the air compressor to suit your budget, business needs and the scale of your premises.

    We supply air compressors for hobby, commercial and industrial use. Our expert staff will give you the best advice and we guarantee to give you the best price in the UK for the air compressor you need.

    Hire air compressor units

    Elliotts hires out air compressors on long term and short term contracts.
    For hire details, please phone us on 01954 20 20 20

    Elliotts Recommends

    From the hundreds of models on offer, Elliotts recommend a selection as offering the best performance for the best value an average customer in the three main sectors we serve: air compressors for hobby use, for commercial use and for industrial use.

    Sealey-SAC2420EHobby compressors

    Elliotts recommends the 2HP Sealey SAC2420E . This is an oil lubricated compressor with a 24 litre receiver that does a great job for the hobby user and offers excellent value for money. Elliotts’ price for this air compressor is £99.99 + VAT

    Clarke-SAC2420Commercial compressors

    Elliotts recommends as a best value commercial air compressor the 3HP Clarke SE16C150 (230V). This is an oil lubricated single phase piston compressor, complete with overload protection and a 150 litre receiver. We supply this air compressor for £449.99 + VAT

    Don’t forget, we supply a wide range of commercial air compressors with power ranging from 2 to 20HP – all at guaranteed best prices in the UK.

    industrial-compressorIndustrial air compressors

    For Very Heavy Duty commercial/industrial machines, Elliotts recommend Boge compressors with power ranging from 2.2kW/3HP to a massive 358kW/480HP.

    Keep quiet
    about it …

    Elliotts silent range of air compressors include Bambi, Jun-Air, Abac, Fini and the Clarke SHH air range. These comply with all relevant legislation and are suitable for a whole range of applications. We’re always happy to provide expert advice on the air compressor most suitable for your needs and will also guarantee to offer the best price for the product in the UK. That’s the Elliotts guarantee.

    Making your
    money go further

    In addition to the range of new air compressors we supply, Elliotts also have a wide range of reconditioned machines. We also have a number of lease options and interest-free finance options to make purchasing your air compressors from the industry experts even easier.

    supplied by Elliotts

    Elliotts supply the following makes of air compressor, all at the best prices in the UK – that’s the Elliotts Guarantee:-

    Abac air compressors
    Bambi silent air compressors
    Boge air compressors
    Clarke air compressors
    Fini air compressors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               FSN compressed air systems
    Hydrovane air compressors
    Jun-Air silent air compressors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Nuair (Shamal) air compressors                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Power System air compressors
    Sealey air compressors


    Special Offers on Air Compressors

    These air compressors are all on special offer at our showroom at the moment. Phone us or drop in to benefit from these dramatic savings.

    Make/Model Type/Number
    (All 230 Volt)
    Flow Rate
    (CFM Disp.)
    (+ vat)
     NUAIR Oil Free Vento (1.1kW-1.5HP) (model SO1-6) NUAIR (SHAMAL) VENTO SO1/6 (1.5HP) in blue! or in red!
    Light Duty – Oil Free Compressor Pump
    (6 Litre Air Receiver)
    116/8 6.84 £210 £99.99 + vat
    (£119.99 inc. vat)
     sealey-sac5020e SEALEY SAC5020E (2HP)
    Oil Lubricated Compressor Pump
    (50 Litre Air Receiver)
    116/8 7 £179.95 £129.99 + vat
    (£155.99 inc. vat)
     SEALEY-SAC05020 SEALEY SAC05020 (2HP)
    Light Duty – Oil Free Compressor Pump
    (50 Litre Vertical Air Receiver)
    145/10 7.3 £214.95 £139.99 + vat
    (£167.99 inc. vat)
     sealey-sac5030ve SEALEY SAC5030VE (3HP)
    9.3 Amps Running, Oil Lubricated Compressor Pump
    (50 Litre Air Receiver)
    130/9 12.6 £279.95 £179.99 + vat
    (£215.99 inc. vat)
     Nuair B312-50P (S-28DA504FPS032) NB2800B-50-3M-TECH NUAIR (SHAMAL) B312/50P (3HP) (B2800 pump unit)
    13 Amps Running, Oil Lubricated Compressor Pump
    (50 Litre Air Receiver)
    145/10 12 £625 £349.99 + vat
    (£419.99 inc. vat)
     B312-100P (230V) (S-28FA504FPS009) NB2800B-100-3M-TECH NUAIR (SHAMAL) B312/100P (3HP) (B2800 pump unit)
    13 Amps Running, Oil Lubricated Compressor Pump
    (100 Litre Air Receiver)
    145/10 12 £645 £389.99 + vat
    (£467.99 inc. vat)
     SAC2420E_sm SEALEY SAC2420E (2HP)
    Oil Lubricated Compressor Pump
    (24 Litre Air Receiver)
    116/8 6.8 £144.95 £99.99 + vat
    (£119.99 inc. vat)
     sealey-sa0615 SEALEY SA0615 (1.5HP)
    Light Duty – Oil Free Compressor Pump
    (6 Litre Air Receiver)
    116/8 4.8 £135.96 £89.99 + vat
    (£107.99 inc. vat)
     Clarke-SAC2420 CLARKE SE15C150ND (3HP) c/w Overload Commercial/Industrial Air Compressor
    (150 Litre Air Receiver)
    145/10 14 £689 £449.99 + vat
    (£539.99 inc. vat)

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